Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday blocks

Here is our first picture - this is Rita's block, I think from Phyllis. It is great-I can't wait to see some more. And this gives me more to write about so we can keep up to date with each other. Hopefully everyone can now comment as I changed my settings or I think you can become a follower (you might have to sign up for a google account to do this but it's free).
I am going to try and add a photo album for the blocks as well so we'll see if that works.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Block photos

If anyone wants to email me pictures of their birthday blocks or tops completed with them i can post them here. I will start a google photo album and add a link here if there is enough interest, let me know. I have to wait til August for mine but I think it will be so much fun. I had planned to work ahead and get them all made so all I had to do was mail them.....well so far that hasn't happened as I just finished my May blocks for another swap i am in so I can mail them tomorrow. we'll see if I can do better for June & July.

5 months until RETREAT

I realized this weekend it is only 5 months until retreat and we know how time flies. I think the ladies that joined the birthday club exchange are having fun so far. I know I have heard from a few of the early spring birthdays who have been amazed at the variety of styles and colors in their blocks but how interesting they are to arrange. looking forward to seeing them at retreat.