Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Retreat pictures

Finally had time to download my camera so here are a few pictures........more to follow
some of the quilts

Wonderful cake provided by Phyllis Towle made and decorated by her daughter Jenny; isn't it wonderful

This group are the ladies who attended my first quilt retreat 10 years ago and they are still here :) Thanks

More wonderful quilts

And a few more quilts. You see lots of bargello quilts as a group of ladies at last years retreat challenged each other to complete a bargello, quite of few had bought a kit a number of years ago and decided it was time to get them completed. Aren't they beautiful.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Survived a great retreat all the wonderful ladies who attended my 10th retreat. It was fun as always; not much sewing done by me but lots of talking & eating. Hi Donna let me know if you are reading this, I love comments.
As you can see I have started the countdown to next years retreat. I was going to try and combine this blog with my personal blog but it is too technical for this brain tonite. If you want to know what I' m doing between retreats check out