Saturday, October 26, 2013

Everything....including the kitchen sink

I was circulating this picture at the retreat but it was suggested I should post it here also.
First the story:
I was able to attend a great retreat at Pearson College just outside of Victoria in June of this year.
 I'm sure you all know the saying that" you are taking everything except the kitchen sink" when you pack for a holiday or retreat.
The attached picture is what I found courtesy of my husband when I arrived at the retreat
The sink was added unbeknownst to me after I had packed what was required for the retreat. Had a great laugh and then decided I needed a picture before I moved it out of the way. Luckily it was not heavy as it was a used camper sink.
In comparison to the October retreat just finished Linda and I would not have had room even for this but I was taking a class for all three days of this retreat so only had one project.

Another fabulous retreat.....thanks everyone

Another retreat has been a great success and here we are a week later, already.
Only 51 weeks until the next retreat Kelly. I think things are back to normal; or as close as they ever get.
Here are some pictures from the 2013 retreat.....lots more great tops completed and wonderful time spent laughing and eating and sewing.....................

2 of Faye's for her local women's shelter

Cathy's Easy Street - a Bonnie Hunter mystery

Betty & Cathy's pineapple blocks

Such amazing hand-sewn detail on Terry's wool felt quilt

Dixie's batiks

Linda's bright rail fence style top

Faye's batik made from a bali pop package

The fight was on with the cooks trying to take Karen's gorgeous quilt - Great Fun
Some of the quilts I can't remember whose is whose but they are all great and I know there were many more that I did not get pictures of.
Thanks again to a great group of ladies for a fantastic retreat.......See you all next October :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spaces available

Less than a month to go and I have had 2  recent cancellations; at this point there are no refunds so these ladies would really like someone to take their spot. Both are considered shared spots.......1 is a bunk and 1 is a shared queen bed. These are on a first come, first serve basis so if you know anyone who would like to come let me know ASAP and we will work out the details.
Can't wait to see everyone. :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Countdown is on

I sent out the reminder email yesterday as the retreat is little more than a month away.
Hope everyone is getting their projects organized....I know I am trying.
As always there are too many to chose from and if history is any indication I will buy something new to work on on the way to the retreat.:)
You may have noticed the countdown clock at the top if you are interested. When I set it up I thought it only counted down days and then Kelly posted number of hours on Facebook.
 I came back to see if I could add how many hours until retreat and I see they are already there.......who knew? Apparently not me-----LOL.
Anyway; I'm sure time will fly until we can all get together for a fun weekend full of friendship and sewing. See ya there.