Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another successful retreat!!!

Thank you everyone for another great retreat. I am back in BC for the winter and although it is raining today it is 11 above so not too bad. Planning underway for next years retreat; it looks like we may be full very soon. I will post pictures here as soon as possible as well as updates regarding next year. If you come to check out the blog, please leave a comment so I know if anyone is looking.
Talk soon.


  1. I had a blast too after Igot that silly mystery quilt together! Glad you are home safe and it was a balmy 13 or so here today so there!

  2. Thanks for becoming a are the first one. You are right about the 'silly' mystery quilt; it seemed like a good idea but may be added to the live and learn file.

  3. But the quilt is done and it was fun so don't sweat it now. Wishing others would post their stuff!